Description:  The Canadian Alliance for Regional Risk Factor Surveillance (CARRFS) is offering a 1-Day Public Health 2017 Pre-Conference Symposium in Halifax, June 5th 2017.  The day will include abstract presentations on the topic of local risk factor and health determinant surveillance as well as keynote speakers on the topic of data visualization. Building data visualization capacity is important for communicating surveillance data to policymakers and public health professionals, locally and across all provinces/territories of Canada. 

The morning will be dedicated to hearing from presenters involved in developing the process and content of local surveillance systems across Canada. In the afternoon, keynote speakers will discuss cutting edge progress in methods and use of data visualization techniques, followed by discussion among participants on effective ways to produce compelling data visualization.  One or more keynote presentations will be shared nationally across Canada through webcasting.

Participants will also learn more about the work of CARRFS. Established in 2008, CARRFS is a network of public health professionals interested in regional/local risk factor and health determinant surveillance in Canada.  CARRFS collaborates with health agencies across jurisdictions to identify innovations, promote successful experiences, and support linkages with existing surveillance systems in order to improve their quality, visibility, and usefulness. CARRFS allows members to interact, support and exchange ideas with colleagues working on surveillance from across Canada through a social network platform, on-line tools/resources, training, and the CARRFS' annual symposium.  

Learning Outcome:  Participants of the CARRFS 1-Day Pre-Conference Symposium will learn ways in which they can more effectively communicate the results of data analysis to public health decision makers and the general public, including data visualization techniques and “storytelling” with data.  They will also learn about various ways in which risk factor and health determinants surveillance data is being collected and used across Canada, and efforts by CARRFS to support such initiatives.

Target Audience:  Epidemiologists, biostatisticians, public health professionals and students who are interested in communicating compelling stories using quantitative and/or qualitative public health data.

Public health professionals who are interested in finding more about local risk factor and health determinant surveillance, and the benefits of CARRFS membership. There is no membership fee to join CARRFS - click here.

Registration Fee:    Participants in person or virtually must register and pay fees through Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Public Health 2017 Conference website (to be launched Feb 28, 2017) - click here.

  • Delegates   $40 (per person, coffee breaks and lunch included)
  • Students     $25 (per person, coffee breaks and lunch included)
  • Webinar      $25  (per connection)

Further Information:    Send your questions or comments - click here.